We used to work for an electronics-based company before ElectronicsHub happened. During our workshops there, we would interact with students and other interested people attending the event. They would often come up to us with different doubts regarding certain concepts or any other information.

This sparked the idea of creating an online space where people can access this information for free. We began by sharing info on these concepts through free online forums and platforms. From there, the realization sparked that our audience expects more from us. We began to consider adding more details such as step by step methods, DIY processes, guides, tutorials, courses & videos.

Idea #1:

Our official website launched in  June 2013. Our mission was very clear: to “simplify electronics information” for our readers to “build projects”.ElectronicsHub is a free online resource that helps students, makers, hobbyists, and engineers build electronics projects. We have published several theory concepts, project tutorials, and various kinds of guides. So far, we have published more than 500+ free projects on Arduino, Microcontroller, etc.

Idea #2:

Eventually, we noticed that our readers were interested in the tools, components, and software that we used, and wanted to know where they could get the same. In October 2017, we introduced a product review section to help our readers make informed purchase decisions comfortably.

All the information on our website is vetted by subject matter experts who possess a sound knowledge of electronics engineering. Our technical experts have both passion and innovation when it comes to building electronics-based projects. Our work has been featured on electronicsforu.com, hackster.io, instructable.com, and more.

We have a clear and honest review method that relies strongly on customer opinions as well as feedback and suggestions from our readers. We scour thousands of online reviews and use our personal experience to suggest the best products for our readers.

ElectronicsHub reaches out to more than 1 million unique users monthly. Our social audience support helps with quick sharing of information. 60% of our readers are students, which makes our website valuable for lecturers, professors, and professionals. We always seek to provide up-to-date information to our readers. We have an in-house team of experienced people with high expertise on each subject.

Content guidelines

We create original information when it comes to our project works. We also display originality in the way we design, develop, and execute the projects.


We have 3 types of monetization programs.

  1. Advertising,
  2. Affiliate
  3. Brand partnerships.

We link to Amazon.com to help our readers find the products that we recommend easily. Any sale made using these links earns us a small commission.

We also earn through brands displaying their ads on our site. These earnings help support the running of ElectronicsHub.